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At LIMB CRAFT INC., our goal is to provide our clients with custom-fitted prosthetic and orthotic appliances using high quality and lightweight components, and the latest techniques and technology in the P&O industry.

We serve the prosthetic and orthotic needs of amputees and individuals with congenital deformities and physical deficiencies due to injury, accident, and disease. Our services include:

  1. Personalized Fabrication
  2. Gait Training
  3. Central Fabrication
  • Consultation and assessment of prosthetic and orthotic needs
  • Fabrication of custom prosthetic and orthotic devices specializing in
    • Pediatric, adult and geriatric prostheses
    • Lower and upper extremity, and spinal orthoses
    • Pediatric and adult prostheses
  • Fitting and adjustments, if necessary
  • Follow-up patient care

All our services are undertaken by licensed and certified practitioners. Our team can work together with your physician and physical therapist to help you achieve your treatment goals.

We serve individuals as well as institutions. Home visits are available upon request for nursing homes, hospitals and patients with special circumstances.

For inquiries, call us at 714-626-0417 or visit our clinic.